As an avid skier who has been active in the sport for 34 years, I have seen MANY changes to the sport! One day, it hit me while watching all the “New School” skiers, kids in the terrain park, doing rail slides, rainbows…and “fakey grabs” from a chairlift… “THESE KIDS DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE ‘OLD SCHOOL’ SKI TRICKS!” I said to myself. It was at that point that I KNEW I had to bring back the Old School Ski Tricks…forgotten gems like: the Spread Eagle, Daffy, Backscratcher, and Twister. I have immortalized these jumps with full “dictionary" definitions on the backs of my shirts in the hopes that these timeless tricks will not slip into the realms of extinction. Thank You for visiting my site…and look for more fun designs coming soon. ~ Greg H ~

Check out this article from the LA Times Examiner about these shirts!

NEW DESIGNS for the 2010-11 Season!

  New Design! United We Slide

New Design for the ladies - Ski Rack

Ski Hag Easy Lifes Short Take Risks Do The Math
Hard No Fuckin' Tuckin' Drag Back X-ing Just Because I'd Sleep With You...
Backscratcher Twister Spread Eagle Daffy

Made In The USAAll our shirts are designed and printed in the USA